Happy Belated Birthday Wishes

Yikes! You forgot an important birthday and you’re scrambling to find just the right belated happy birthday wishes to send to them. You’ve come to the right place. Forgetting someone’s birthday is downright embarrassing, so we’ve come up with the right mix of sweet, remorseful, sincere, funny, deep and heartfelt belated birthday greetings. In the collection below you will find: 1) happy belated birthday wishes, 2) funny belated birthday wishes and 3) belated birthday wishes for friends.

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes

Expressing regret for missing a birthday and showing them they are important are the first steps in showing how much you care for somebody whose birthday you’re a bit late on. Sending one of these happy belated birthday messages will hopefully help you to do just that.

  • Even though this birthday wish comes in late, my wish for you is a year full of happiness and success in everything you do. Happy belated birthday!
  • Time has gotten the best of me. Sorry this is late but I hope your birthday was everything that you wished for.
  • My deepest apologies for not remembering your birthday. Hope your birthday is as special as you are.
  • Happy belated birthday! I’m sorry this card is late but I hope that you had a wonderful birthday.
  • Belated birthday greetings just for you, that you may have an amazing year and prosperity too.
  • Hope you had a birthday that is as fantastic as you are. I’m sorry I missed it.
  • I know I’m behind but do you know that you are always in my prayers and in my mind? Happy birthday belated wishes!
  • This wish may be late but I’ll still celebrate you. Belated happy birthday to you!
  • Happy late birthday, I hope you had a fun time. I’m sorry I’m late but I look forward to celebrating again with you.
  • My wish may be late but it will be a reason so we can celebrate your birthday longer. Happy birthday!
  • Your birthday might have been forgotten but I figured you deserve more than one celebration this year. I look forward to treating you like royalty for missing your birthday.
  • Hope you had an abundant, happy and healthy birthday. Belated happy birthday greetings!
  • It’s a shame that I didn’t get to greet you on your birthday and let you know how incredible you are. But know that you are always in my heart. Belated birthday greetings to you!
  • A belated birthday celebration I’ll send to you, I’d do anything to remind you how special you are to me. Warmest late birthday wishes to you!
  • I wish you a happy belated birthday. I’m sorry I’m late but I’ll make sure I make it up to you. I love you!
  • Happy late birthday to the most forgiving and kind hearted person in the world! I’m sorry I’m late.
  • Wish I might, wish I may, that your birthday was today. Sorry I missed you birthday, I promise I’ll make it up to you.
  • Sending you the warmest and happiest belated birthday wish. Please forgive me I missed your special day.
  • I may have forgotten you birthday but I didn’t forget how lucky I am to have you in my life. Hope you had a great birthday.
  • Please forgive me that I forgot the most important day of your life. I promise it won’t happen again. Happy late birthday to you!

Funny Belated Birthday Wishes

Who doesn’t like a good laugh? This collection will help you to choose belated birthday wishes funny enough to make them forget you’re late!

  • I’m guilty! I’m guilty of forgetting your birthday. Please don’t sentence me as a bad person.
  • I’m sending this card not for forgetting your birthday but for your birthday next year. That way I won’t be late again next year!
  • So remember when you said you’ll love me no matter what? I messed up, I totally forgot your birthday. Will you still love me?
  • Oops I did it again! I’m so sorry I missed your graduation? Anniversary? Wedding? Oh I know your birthday!
  • Late birthday wishes to the person who not only is awesome, super and extraordinary, but also extremely forgiving. Please forgive me, I totally forgot your birthday.
  • You may blame me for forgetting your birthday but I ‘m not the one at fault here. Blame my phone, it didn’t remind me.
  • Sorry! I had a brain fart, I’m chronically challenged, I am a slow turtle, I’m doggone late, and I need memory pills so badly. Forgive me for missing your birthday.

belated birthday wishes

  • When you don’t seem to age, how can I remember your birthday? When you don’t remind me, how will I remember your birthday?
  • I know, I know, I’m awesome but I’m always late. You can blame me but I hope you had a wonderful birthday.
  • I didn’t forget your birthday. Your card must’ve gotten delayed in the mail.
  • You’re so special that I’ll celebrate another birthday with you. Oh who am I kidding? Please forgive me I forgot your birthday.
  • Dear Facebook, next time will you please notify me in advance that an important birthday is coming up? I’m blaming Facebook for not remembering your birthday, it’s totally their fault not my weak memory.
  • Happy belated birthday to you, I am late to wish you again it’s true, so forgive me for my for brain fart, happy belated birthday to you!

Belated Birthday Wishes for Friend

Friends are always there for us, we can always count on them. So if you forgot their birthday you might feel a bit bad. Select from the collection below your favorite belated birthday wishes for a friend. Tell them in person or write them a late birthday card and show them that you’ll be there for them no matter what.

  • I hope your birthday was as wonderful and amazing as you are my dear friend. I’m sorry I missed your birthday.
  • My head forgot but my heart remembered. Please forgive me my friend for missing your birthday. Hope you had a terrific birthday.
  • Even though I forgot your birthday it doesn’t mean that I can’t shower you with gifts, love, hugs and kisses. Happy belated birthday friend!
  • My apologies for not getting this card to you in time for your birthday my friend. I look forward celebrating it late with you.
  • There’s no excuse for me not remembering this very important day… my friend’s birthday. Hope you had a great birthday.
  • Please forgive me for the delayed wishes. Hope your day was nothing but extraordinary. Happy late birthday my friend!

happy belated birthday

  • A belated birthday to you my dear friend! Even though I’m late my wish for you is all the best life has to offer. You deserve it.
  • Birthdays are special days but you my friend are special every day. Happy late birthday!
  • I wish you a happy, healthy, and terrific year ahead my friend. I’m terribly sorry I missed your birthday.
  • Sorry I messed up and forgot the birthday of my dear friend. I promise to take you out to celebrate and make it up to you.

We hope that our compilation of late birthday wishes helped you to express how you feel about missing someone’s birthday. Being late and forgetting someone’s birthday can really hurt their feelings. How can you make up for this? Show them that you truly are sincere by writing some of these messages in happy belated birthday cards, taking them out for dinner, surprising them with another birthday celebration, writing them a belated birthday message on Facebook, giving them more of your time, making something special for them, spend extra time together or lavishing them with expensive gifts 🙂 Good luck!

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