Birthday Wishes For Husband

Are you looking for the perfect way to say “happy birthday husband“? In this collection you will find birthday wishes for husband, for prince charming and your knight in shining armor. He may not be perfect but he deserves the best on his birthday. Shower him with love, affection, gifts or a birthday card. Finding the perfect special and romantic birthday wishes for a husband is not always easy, but we’ve got you covered! On this page you will find 1) happy birthday wishes for husband, 2) funny birthday wishes for husband, 3) romantic birthday wishes for husband and 4) happy birthday husband quotes.

Birthday Wishes for Husband – Happy Birthday Husband!

Express yourself and let him know how you truly feel with this collection of general happy birthday wishes for husbands.

  • You’re still the man of my dreams, the best husband in the world and the man I want to grow old with. Happy birthday my love!
  • I am a better person, a better woman, a better wife because of you. I truly mean that with all my heart. Happy birthday to my husband!
  • You are a great husband it’s true, even my parents love and adore you. Happy birthday to my husband!
  • Best birthday wishes to the keeper of my heart, the love of my life and the greatest husband on earth!
  • Thank you for working so hard, for providing for this family and for your unconditional love. Happy birthday husband!
  • I am so lucky that God brought you to this world and that we found each other. Happy birthday darling!
  • Do you know how much brighter and happier you make this world? I am so blessed to be your wife. Happy birthday my husband!
  • Since every day is a celebration when I’m with you, all I can say is happy birthday, and I love you!
  • Thank you for being my man, my best friend, my number one fan and my soul mate. Enjoy your day my love!
  • You are incredible, you are a great dad and husband, you are always loved. Happy birthday wishes for my husband!
  • Being your wife is an honor and I enjoy being your missus. Happy birthday my love!
  • Happy birthday to my man, my protector, my king and my everything! I love you.
  • I really appreciate all the things you do. Have a fantastic birthday my husband!
  • Asking me to be your wife was the happiest day of my life. Happy birthday hubby!
  • I have married a man of integrity, dedicated, honest, understanding, intelligent and handsome. I can’t believe you’re mine. Have a great birthday darling!
  • Your birthday gives me a chance to tell you and show you how much I love and appreciate you. I love you so much. Happy birthday to my husband!
  • Happy birthday to the best father and husband in the world, our children and I are so fortunate to have you!
  • Each day I thank God for blessing me with such an amazing human being. Happy birthday to my wonderful husband!
  • You make me smile like no one else can. Happy birthday to the best husband in the world!
  • Congratulations on another year of getting smarter, funnier, sexier and an even better lover. Happy birthday wishes to my husband!
  • My wish is to be with you for the rest of my life. You are the greatest blessing from God and I will cherish you forever.
  • Thank you for always making me feel loved, for telling me I’m beautiful even when I don’t feel beautiful. Thank you for being an amazing husband!
  • No man, no human being, no one would ever come close to you. Happy birthday my love!
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, my wonderful husband, happy birthday to you!
  • Hurray! I am married to the world’s greatest and most amazing husband and he’s celebrating his birthday today.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Husband

Make him giggle and laugh with these happy birthday husband funny wishes and messages. A smile and a laugh are one of the great joys in life and, on his birthday, why not find the perfect funny birthday greetings for husband.

  • Happy birthday to my greatest partner in life, my spider-killer, my trash-collector and my night-time cuddler and hugger!
  • Happy birthday to the best, funniest, greatest royal pain-in-the-ass husband who I simply can’t live without!
  • Happy birthday to you, I will be there for you, when we’re old and we’re cranky, I will always love you.
  • Dear husband, my birthday gift to you is my love and as many compliments as humanly possible. Love, your awesome wife.
  • We don’t need a cake for your birthday. I’ll just put a candle on your head because like a cake, you are yummy, scrumptious, sweet, special, heavenly, and irresistible.

happy birthday wishes for husband

  • I know you’re not good at doing the dishes but I love you anyway. Happy birthday husband!
  • I love having someone in my life that knows all my secrets, that makes me laugh, that will protect and love me unconditionally and that will happily help me with the housework.
  • You’re kind of a big deal today. Enjoy it because after your birthday, you’re doing the dishes.
  • Today your wish is my command, just like a Genie in a bottle, I’ll do anything for you because it’s your birthday.
  • I look forward to growing old, grey, and wrinkly with you. Love, your amazing wife who will stand by you no matter what.

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Husband

Make him remember why he fell in love with you with this collection of romantic birthday messages for husband. Express your feelings to him on this special day and make it even more memorable with birthday wishes for husband with love.

  • Thank you for being the rainbow in my world, the air that I breathe and the soul of my life. I love you!
  • I love you every minute, every hour, every day and every moment of my life. Happy birthday my husband!
  • Happy birthday my main man, I am more in love with you than ever!
  • In your arms is my favorite place to be, it’s heaven on earth. Happy birthday to my amazing husband!
  • Today I will shower you with hugs and kisses, love and attention, because you deserve only the best in life. Have a happy birthday my husband!
  • I like you and I love you. Will you be my best husband forever? Best birthday wishes for my husband!
  • Will you please grow old with me? Congratulations on your birthday my husband!
  • You are my prince charming. You turned my ordinary life into a fairy tale and I am excited to grow old with you.
  • When you’re married to the best man in the world, there’s nothing more in life that you could ask for. Happy birthday my love!

happy brithday husband

  • Happy birthday to my favorite person in the whole wide world, my loving husband!
  • Your touch and you kisses are the best feeling in the world. Life with you is simply the best. Happy birthday husband!
  • I need you, I want you, I worship you, I adore you, I love you. Have a great birthday love!
  • Thank you for making me feel happy, needed, wanted, and loved every single day. I am so blessed.
  • Every day is a beautiful journey as long as I am with you. Happy birthday to my husband!
  • Being married to an incredible man and husband is my biggest achievement in life. Thank you for coming to my world.

Happy Birthday Husband Quotes

This collection of happy birthday wishes for husband quotes come from famous personalities and authors and can help you to find the perfect words on his special day.

  • My husband has quite simply been my strength and stay all these years, and I owe him a debt greater than he would ever claim. – Queen Elizabeth II
  • Nobody until very recently would have thought that their husband was supposed to be their best friend, confidante, intellectual soul mate, co-parent, inspiration. – Elizabeth Gilbert
  • What I love about my husband is that he really allows me to be the best person I can. – Georgina Chapman
  • “I love you, and I will love you until I die, and if there is life after that, I’ll love you then.” — Cassandra Clare (City of Glass)
  • In all the world, there is no heart for me like yours. In all the world, there is no love for you like mine. – Maya Angelou

birthday wishes for husband

  • My husband and I always have fun together in everything we do. Some people call me crazy, but the reality is that I enjoy spending each second with him. He is not just my husband – he is my rock and my very best friend! – Joyce Giraud
  • My life really began when I married my husband. – Nancy Reagan
  • No matter what has happened. No matter what you’ve done. No matter what you will do. I will always love you. I swear it. – C.J. Redwine (Defiance)
  • My husband John Lennon was a very special man. A man of humble origin, he brought light and hope to the whole world with his words and music. – Yoko Ono
  • My husband is everything to me and without him it’s just not the same. – Amy Winehouse

We hope you found these quotes, greetings, messages and funny happy birthday wishes for husband in our collection helpful. Sometimes coming up with birthday wishes for husband from wife is not always easy. Your husband’s birthday is an important and exciting day and you just want to give him a memorable day. Singing happy birthday to husband just won’t cut it, plan a surprise birthday party for him, give him a massage, buy lingerie, improvise, celebrate and make his day the best birthday yet with the best birthday wishes for husband.

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